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Garbh Sanskar:The Science Of Conception:Part IV

Ayurvedic fertility Plan (‘Garbhadhan Samskara’):The Science Of Conception

In Sanskrit the word samskara literally means, “making perfect” or “refining,”.

Vedic science also helps parents receive pleasing children. There are several ceremonies called samskaras that are scheduled before and after conception to help develop the baby's personality on the physical, psychic and spiritual levels.The Garbhadhana samskara is an elaborate scientific process that helps a couple invite elevated souls to join the family. Vedic scriptures are surprisingly precise about how the husband and wife should perform certain prayers and obligations to purify themselves so that they have healthy children of good character.


Pregnancy is a time when the mother-to-be changes the most, both externally and internally. It is a vital period for her to be not only physically healthy, but also happy and mentally fit. The arrival of a special soul into the world celebrates the beginning of a child's life, and furthering of the family dynasty. It is an important and joyous time for the family and the new baby. The child's journey begins from the point of conception and it is therefore important to fulfil samskaras from this time, for the wellbeing of the child as well and the mother.

The Hindu people have developed many rituals specific to significant times in their lives. Childbirth is an especially important part of Hindu culture and, because of that, there are rituals surrounding conception, delivery and the naming of the child.  Garbhadhana samskara  is very important point for good population. Without good population in the society, gentlemen, cultured, educated, following the rules and regulations of religious principles, how you can expect peace and prosperity? That is not possible. So the whole Vedic system was meant for having very good population. Not such kind of population who are addicted to killing and drinking and so many other sinful activities. If such population is there, then everything will be polluted. 

Before having Arjuna as their child Mother Kunti and Pandu observed strict celibacy for full one year and plus they performed devotional service to the Lord Krishna. In this way as a result they begot a very devoted and great personality as their son - Arjuna. Who later glorified all his ancestors.


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