Friday, July 11, 2014

Garbh Sanskar: Learning In The Womb

Positive thinking, the feeling of inner well-being and the creative imagination of parents are able to stimulate, activate and energize recorded on the DNA of potential future child.The maternal emotions such as fear or anger or love or rather hope biochemically influence effects on child in utero.

Prospective parents are real "genetic engineering." It is urgent that they be informed.

And recent scientific studies point to highlight the importance of the prenatal period. They join the ancient philosophy, traditions of the people and the profound intuition of women.
Children today, so tomorrow's adults, are the builders of our future and that concerns us all. Future generations will be made progressively healthy beings, strong, confident in themselves, open to others and to life. They will be able to cooperate and create a more just and humane society, a peaceful society where everyone can find their place and grow to serve all.Would it not the fastest way to fundamentally change attitudes and thus the world average?

Scientific and psychological research in recent decades confirm the intuition of women millennium: the child in utero is a sensitive being, sensitive, responsive, because since its conception, cells at the same time they inform form.

Every emotion of the mother of a certain intensity or duration, produced in his own brain, hormones that also impact the child. It receives - unwittingly - all saw his mother.

Stress or psychological trauma resulting in significant levels of adrenaline and cortisol and causes - as stated by the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2009, Elizabeth Blackburn - altered the structure of DNA.
However, when she saw a state of well-being and love for her child, it is the endorphins secreted by hormonal pathways and energy flowing into the body of the child. Everyone knows that the fetus builds his body with the materials supplied by the blood of the mother, themselves imbued with emotions and thoughts.

The child absorbs everything without having the ability to sort between what is beneficial and what is harmful. This is the mother to make that choice. To her outlaw harmful substances: .. and focus on living and vitalizing foods: fruits, vegetables, grains that have a tremendous amount of stored solar energy. Not to mention the protein intake of fish rich in omega 3, limiting the consumption of meat.
Although oxygenate the blood by breathing is as important as nutrition.

Modern science has shown that there is a constant interaction between the psychological and physiological levels of the individual, between emotions and intracellular activities. In other words, our thoughts, feelings and sensations intertwine and affect our physical and psychic body registering at cellular water in nuclear and mitochondrial DNA, to alter our genetic programs. Prospective parents are the educators of the prenatal child before those of the child and adolescent. Scientific research in biology, genetics and neuroscience have shown that the prenatal period is the foundation of the human being, family and society. Therefore, when a woman is pregnant, her experience is transmitted to the child, influencing the dynamics of the proliferation and differentiation of cells of the fetus.


Allows man and woman to know a great personal development : some say they have experienced a true rebirth .
Enriches the lives of the couple , which is strengthened by this extraordinary creative adventure.
Promotes , in conclusion pregnancy lived in connivance with the child, an easy delivery and a happy birth .
Facilitates the education of children and adolescents , with the parent / child relationships built early.
Strengthens the family , the basic unit of the community, making it more stable, richer, more harmonious.

The responsibility of a mother and a father is not limited to lifestyle, eat healthy, rest, etc., but it extends into the inner psychic experience and relationship. A whole preparation is necessary for parents to have knowledge and adapted to the varied circumstances of daily life solutions: having a child project in order to live well during pregnancy, although welcome and become a model for education.

The Prenatal Education is the foundation of the human being, family and society.
Future generations will thus consist of healthy beings, strong, confident in themselves, open to others and to life, thus able to cooperate and create a more just and humane society, a peaceful society where everyone can find up and grow to serve all. The fetus responds both to the thought of the mother than his word , say the researchers

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