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Garbh Sanskar:What To Eat During Pregnancy

What To Eat During Early Pregnancy?

Pregnant women need to stay alert especially when it comes to their diet because things can get complicated if they don’t know how to maintain their diet. The first trimester is really important for the development of the baby inside the womb and therefore pregnant mothers have to make sure that they eat the right food that can help baby grow in the right way.

Pregnancy is the most important and delicate period in a woman’s life and therefore she must make sure that she gets the right diet that can keep her and her baby safe throughout the nine months. This is why doctors pay special attention to the diet because they would like to make sure that the development of the pregnant mother and the baby is not compromised at any stage. Hence, pregnant mothers should strictly follow pregnancy diet week by week to ensure that everything is alright.
Dehydration during the early pregnancy period can create lot of complications later on and therefore pregnant women should ensure that they are drinking enough water that can keep them hydrated within. Drinking plenty of water in the early pregnancy period will make sure that pregnant women have enough amniotic fluid which will help the baby to stay well inside the uterus and provide enough cushioning that is required in the later stages of pregnancy. You should always ensure that you eat fruits and vegetables that can provide you with more water content. Pregnant women should understand that the first few months of pregnancy is the most important stage in the entire pregnancy phase because the baby is being developed. Hence, avoid eating too much of chocolates that can have caffeine which can dehydrate your body.
If you are in the early phase of pregnancy you should focus on switching to healthy foods like protein, calcium, iron, and folic acid. There are many fruits and vegetables that are loaded with such items and therefore you should switch to such food items. High protein food is good because it leads to development of tissues and cells of the baby. This means that you can focus more on green vegetables.
You can even switch to fruits like oranges and grapefruits that can nourish your body with Vitamin C. On the other hand, you should also focus on having food items like cheese, yoghurt and other milk products that can supply calcium for the development of bones of the baby. However, do not focus only on calcium all the time as that can lead to osteoporosis. Add some fiber to your diet with oatmeal, whole wheat bread and other green vegetables so that you can provide overall nutrients to your baby and your body as well.
We all know that what we eat is what we are. Well, during pregnancy what you eat is what your baby will look like so you need to focus on how you eat when you are pregnant. Although, many women are not so conscious about their eating habits but your diet and food habits can really make an impression on your unborn child.
In the first 12 weeks, nausea is the most common thing that you might experience and that happens to all pregnant women all over the world. You might feel morning sickness and that might ruin your appetite as well. However, you must eat for the development of your body and the baby inside you. So, you start that by eating smaller meals during the day. Switch to comfort foods like oatmeal and soups that you enjoy. You can switch to various breathing exercises that can stop your nausea. You can even cook your meals in advance so that you can heat them up and eat it when you are not feeling well.
In the next 12 weeks your baby will be growing inside you and your mind will be getting used to the pregnancy feeling. This is the time when your body begins to crave for more food. However, that does not mean you gulp down all the snacks and meals that you can get your hands on. Keep control on your cravings and eat smaller meals during the day. Switch to healthy meals rather than going for junk food that won’t do you any good, nor to the development of your baby. Use fresh vegetables and fruits to keep your cravings under control and drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. You can go for food products that have proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins that you can pass on to your baby.
In the coming 12 weeks you might feel tiredness and fatigue which is why rest should be your prime concern. Prepare food in advance since you might feel difficult to walk and handle your kitchen activities. Go for smaller meals during the day, at least six times a day and eat foods that have high protein. Make sure you handle your cravings and keep off the junk food. Plenty of water instead of soft drinks will nourish your body and your child to be safe during the delivery period.
During the first twelve weeks of the pregnancy, pregnant mothers are least bothered about the development of the baby because they are not very sure about what they should eat and when and how.Now, you will feel your body changing and the development of the baby inside the womb demands more food for the mother. However, you need to remember that during this phase most of the development of the baby takes place and therefore a good healthy diet is the call of the day. Hence, pregnant mothers should consume 300 calories extra per day over their regular diet. You can go for green vegetables like broccoli, green peas, cabbage, cauliflowers, spinach,  and many more along with coconut water and vegetable soups.. Fruits and even lemon will do since they have Vitamin C that can absorb more iron and calcium that is required for the development of the baby. You can even go for milk products and dry fruits that can provide extra nutrition to the baby.
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