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Garbh Sanskar:Healthy Diet

Diet During Pregnancy: Healthy Diet
Pregnancy can be a joyful—but stressful—time. Look no further for everything you need to know about your changing body, your growing baby, and even what to expect during labor.
When you are pregnant you must always remember that what you eat make affect your unborn child and therefore having a balance diet is the need of the hour. Many pregnant women are not so focused on what they should eat and drink and they usually carry on with their regular lifestyle but that would only lead to more complications that can affect the health and mental status of the baby as well as the health of the pregnant mother. Hence, pregnant women should always look out for more information on balance diet for pregnant woman so that they can always keep themselves and their baby in good condition.
It does not matter much when you are not too concerned about your health when you are not pregnant, but once you have conceived a child you must make sure that you focus on your health and diet because you will need more calories that will be consumed for the development of the baby. Hence, once you are pregnant you must improve the calories that you normally take while having your food.
When you're pregnant, you're no longer responsible for just one person but two. The little one growing inside you depends on you for nutrition and a safe resting place for the next nine months. So the lifestyle choices you make during pregnancy will not only affect your health, but also your baby's. Prenatal care is essential to the health of you and your baby. Throughout your pregnancy, be sure to have regular appointments with your doctor. These visits will allow your doctor to keep a close eye on your health as well as the baby and his/her development. Although pregnancy and childbirth are a natural part of life, problems and complications can happen so it's important to get prenatal care as soon as you know you are pregnant.Prenatal care is more than a doctor's visit. You can also get access to education on the process of pregnancy and childbirth, counselling services and support that you may need. Also use these visits to talk with your doctor about your birth plan.
In addition to access to medical care, these prenatal visits give you a forum to ask questions and advice about the change that your body will be going through as your baby grows. You will also be able to gather important information about healthy diet and nutrition as well what to eat or not.

To increase your chance of carrying a healthy baby to term, remember to get extra rest, eat healthier foods, and maintain some kind of exercise routine. Not only will these habits make you feel better, it gives you a better chance of having a better pregnancy. Don't forget to avoid indulging in bad habits as this may harm your baby, which will put both you and your baby at risk
Maintaining a well-balanced diet is important during pregnancy. To meet the demands of your growing baby, you have to pay attention to your nutrition and the foods that you consume. As the old saying goes, you are eating for two! Your diet should include a combination of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, and fat. These will fuel your body, make you feel better, and nourish your growing baby.
Though you are "eating for two," be careful not to eat twice your normal amount. You only need to add about 300 extra calories to your regular diet. In addition to eating a balanced diet, you will want to make sure that you get enough vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. You can easily do this by taking a prenatal vitamin supplement. Consume 200-300 additional calories per day during the second and third trimesters. It is not vital that you have these extra calories during the first trimester, particularly if you are nauseous or have severe morning sickness. 300 calories does not amount to much, and certainly does not equate to eating for two! You can gain the extra calories from a snack, which may include extra glass of orange juice or milk and handful of nuts. With adequate supplies of vitamins and nutrients to ensure that you are meeting your nutritional requirements during pregnancy.
Eat an adequate amount of protein. Protein rich foods include beans and other products. You should be trying to eat at least three servings a day. Adequate protein consumption will not only ensure that you have a strong reserve of energy for the day, it will also help your baby's tissues develop.Eat calcium rich foods at least three times per day. Calcium can be found in many foods including dairy products. Calcium is critical particularly during the third trimester when your baby's bones are developing.
Avoid excessive consumption of processed foods. During your pregnancy it is best that you eat as many foods as possible in their natural state. This includes whole grains, dark leafy vegetables,  and other products that don't have added sugar and other chemicals which may be harmful to your developing baby.
Even though you are eating for two now, you can't just consume everything you used to. There are some precautions you have to take to ensure the safety of your unborn baby. Certain foods may be perfectly fine for you but may damage the sensitive system of your little one.It's important to learn which foods are safe to eat and which ones you should avoid. By doing this, you are providing the best possible environment for your baby to grow and develop. You have to get extra care while eating food.
In this situation GARBH SANSKAR helps you to get proper diet which may not infected your growing baby and how to get away from serious disabilities later in life.
Check out our diet to help you understand about pregnancy nutrition, when visit for understanding GARBH SANSKAR  at our hospital.
Pregnancy also brings on food cravings in some women. Most often, giving into your cravings isn't harmful. It only causes problems when you eat too much of one thing and abandon the rest of your diet. As you become more pregnant, your body changes to adjust to your growing baby. As a result, some women can suffer from body-image issues. Be sure to consult us or get counselling to help you deal with these issues. Pregnancy is not a time to diet or worry about losing weight.

Losing weight during pregnancy can be detrimental to the health and safety of your baby, because it deprives him or her of the proper vitamins and nutrients required for normal fetal development. If you're worried about your weight, just keep in mind that you will lose weight after your baby is born.

To ensure that you have an easy labor and delivery, you will want to gain for the recommended weight gain fro your pre-pregnancy size. You can easily keep in this weight limit by eating a healthy and balanced diet.
Take the mystery out of healthy eating and learn what it takes to ensure the health and well being of your unborn child! We will guide you healthy eating food habits during your pregnancy that offers tips for eating well during pregnancy.You can eat healthy and nutritiously during your pregnancy if you follow a healthy pregnancy diet as suggested by us.Eating well can be a challenge, given the tremendous cravings you might be having mingled with morning sickness you might be feeling, particularly during the first trimester. However it is vital that you do everything possible to ensure your baby's health and well being, and that includes eating a healthy diet.
Eating Well During Each Month of Pregnancy:
As your belly expands you may find it easier to eat several “mini-meals” during the day instead of three large meals. This will improve your digestion and also prevent excessive heartburn.
Consider breaking your three meals into six smaller meals per day. Also stock your refrigerator with lots of healthy and nutritious snacks, so you are less tempted to grab for something that is full of sugar and empty calories in a moment of hunger. Healthy eating is also as important as fitness and exercise during pregnancy. If given the opportunity, you should engage in some sort of light physical activity as well during your pregnancy(we will explain you some light physical activities and exercise during your visit) , which will not only improve your mood but prepare your body for labor.

When combined with a healthy pregnancy diet, adequate fitness and exercise will help you feel and look your best throughout your pregnancy!
Pregnancy nutrition is easy when you are armed with the knowledge and power necessary to make smart choices!

Remember that everything you put into your mouth goes into the mouth of your little one. Thus, it is vital you do everything in your power to ensure that you get adequate nutrition during pregnancy!
Iron and folic acid is really essential for pregnant mothers and therefore they need something that can help them stay healthy and active. Iron will also provide extra blood that is required for the placenta. Foods like broccoli, wholemeal bread and spinach is the right thing that you can focus on when you are pregnant.

Vitamins & Minerals
In addition to eating healthy food, many women should take prenatal vitamins to make sure that they get enough nutrition in their diet. Certain vitamins are very important for your baby's growth - such as folic acid, iron, and calcium.

Both iron and folic acid aid your body in making the extra blood your body needs to keep you and your baby healthy. Folic acid is probably one of the most important nutrients you need during pregnancy. It reduces your baby's risk of neural tube defects - birth defects that happen due to incomplete development of the spine - and it decreases your chances for vascular problems, like heart disease.
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