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Garbh Sanskar:Emotional Thoughts Influence Unborn Baby

Emotions and thoughts really influence unborn baby?
Traditionally, staying happy and doing things that keep you peaceful and fulfilled were believed to influence your unborn baby in a positive way.Such positive experiences are believed to help shape your baby's earliest impressions in a constructive manner, hopefully making him a well-balanced and happy person. It is also becoming more and more apparent that an unborn baby is able to respond to outside influences such as sound, light and movement.
To help a mother remain in the best possible frame of mind in the interest of her growing baby, Garbha sanskar suggests a set of practices and way of life. This includes reading or seeing things that make you happy, communicating with your baby, performing spiritual activities like pujas, meditating and eating healthily. Garbha sanskar is all about keeping yourself in a good state emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually for the sake of your growing baby.
• listening to music
• thinking positive
• eating healthily
• yoga
• meditation and prayer
• being creative
• communicating with your unborn child
Your unborn baby can hear and respond to sounds from the seventh month onwards. So if you're listening to music, it's likely that she will be able to hear it too. Some experts believe that listening to music will stimulate your baby's brain development as well as develop her sense of hearing. You could listen to the soothing tunes of instruments like the sitar or the violin. You could also chant pregnancy shlokas or sing songs to your baby. A good place to start is to hear  pregnancy shlokas rendered in traditional ragas that create soothing music for expectant mothers. Listening to music can be an excellent stress buster for you.
So even though you might want to keep happy and stress free throughout, you are likely to have ups and downs. You can help yourself be happy by thinking of the things you like doing. And during pregnancy, raging hormones can make you more emotional than usual.Even reading books or seeing a good movie can do the trick. According to Garbh sanskar, it is believed that reading educative books during pregnancy will educate the child in a womb.
So  pregnant women have been encouraged to read mythological stories and scriptures, so that good moral values would reach their babies. You could also read bookes like cooking, self-help, romance, nursery rhymes or fairy tales, read something that makes you feel happy. A spiritual chants can also lift your spirits.
You just simply remember good moments in your life, or go on a holiday. Or perhaps, you could put up photographs of your loved ones, around you. If you are facing tougher time in your life, try to cope through this periods of stress. Also read about whether your baby can be affected by your stress or distress.
Eating right food is good during pregnancy?
Eating right is probably the thing that will affect your baby most directly. Garbha sanskar recommends a sattvik diet or a pure diet during pregnancy.This means eating only freshly-made meals using fresh vegetables. A sattvik dish is one which contains vital nutrients in balanced proportions. A sattvik diet also means avoiding food that is spicy, fermented and which contains preservatives. It is believed that such a diet will keep you and your baby healthy and pure. 
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