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Garbh Sanskar:Understand Garbh Sanskar

Understand Garbh Sanskar step by step and in depth…
Its process to be understood a well planned pregnancy. It’s a process of life before child birth. Simply, it s a quality of your SANSAKR in your baby which is still not arrived in this world.
The woman carries the baby in her womb for next nine months. And its important how baby’s journey through these nine months. It’s not easy for her to carry out journey through all these months. Support and intense care required from life partner and family members as well. The more responsibility lied on mother then father.
You just can not imagine that when a baby born with blind, deaf or with any other physical or mental defects. Would you survive with all these defects? No, and what’s about the life of a baby? Who will take care or stood by your baby for whole life?
This is where Garbh Sanskar’s importance got starts. Garbh Sanskar is absolutely essential.
Discovering that you are about to have a baby is often one of the most joyous times of a woman’s life. It can also be the most nerve racking. You are now responsible for the healthy development of another human life and everything you eat, breathe, and come into contact with for the next nine months can impact that growth and development. Being pregnant is weighty enough as it is without scaring moms to be and throwing a bunch of rules around.
Yet the high incidences of autism, asthma, allergies, cancer, and so many other childhood illnesses and issues require us to give some thought to raising our children green and healthy, even before they are born. They get their start in our bellies. Are we giving them the best possible start we can? It is something we all need to think about because our choices impact them greatly and also the planet. Here are a few ways to keep it green during pregnancy:
Prenatal Vitamins, organic foods, fresh & nutrient dense foods, clean water, healthy nesting, clean indoor air, healthy body care and so many nutrient diets are important during pregnancy, as we as we will discuss step by step its importance before and after pregnancy.
According to Garbha sanskar, your baby is able to sense and respond to outside influences as well as your thoughts and feelings. That is why well-meaning elders in the family, talk about the importance of staying positive and relaxed during pregnancy.
Garbha sanskar suggests a set of practices and way of life. This includes reading or seeing things that make you happy, communicating with your baby, performing spiritual activities like pujas, meditating and eating healthily.
There has been recent scientific interest on the subject, and some evidence suggests that a baby's brain develops up to 60 per cent while in the womb. It is also becoming more and more apparent that an unborn baby is able to respond to outside influences such as sound, light and movement.
Traditionally, staying happy and doing things that keep you peaceful and fulfilled were believed to influence your unborn baby in a positive way. So if, for example, you watch a funny movie while pregnant, and it makes you happy and cheerful, it is believed that some of that positive emotion passes on to your baby. Such positive experiences are believed to help shape your baby's earliest impressions in a constructive manner, hopefully making him a well-balanced and happy person. 
Pregnancy is a special, magical time. Isn't it?
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