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The Mystic (Growing) Inside You
Promoting the Health of Mother and Baby During Pregnancy : Ayurvedic Insight
Your pregnancy, make a conscious effort to be aware of your inner mystic, because you have your own inner mystic within you, but you also have this little developing mystic within your body.
FACT: Our constitution or dosha is formed in utero while in our mother’s womb! Based on her diet, emotional, mental and physical environments, as well as other factors, our personalities and physical and behavioral characteristics are determined. Through this understanding, one can gain many insights as to one’s strengths and weakness, as well as how one can realign to enhance our positive aspects inherit within.
Ayurveda provides significant assistance to women during pregnancy and it is a complementary addition to the care provided by. Mothers-to-be undergo many changes to their physical and emotional being during their 9 months of pregnancy as they create and support a new life. 
Ayurveda provides nutritional advice as well as practices such as meditation, the daily routine, yoga asanas, and considerations for happiness. Herbal Medicines can be used to assist the pregnant mother to feel her optimum as well as overcome challenges. 
Ancient Ayurvedic texts by Vagbhat describe–in detail–embryonic nourishment at conception and for gestation by the 5 elements. They describe the seat of the soul as a sixth tissue (the nervous system), which is the next to last tissue in the sequence of tissue nutrition in the body. The quality of mind and connectedness to this life are dependent upon the quality of the nervous tissue. Vagbhat explains that ojas – the finest product of maternal and paternal digestion and contained in the reproductive seed material — is the essence of the embryo and fetus, and the first component for baby’s tissue formation, and Ayurveda can explain how that stem cells are nourished by ojas.
Nourishing mama’s ojas throughout pregnancy (and postpartum) is a central topic in Ayurveda. The many refinements on healthy digestion and transformation of food that is spelled out in Ayurveda are about creating good quality ojas — because ojas is the finest product of digestion. It is the foundation of good health.
Depleted ojas may manifest as chromosomal defects in the fetus and can cause congenital abnormalities . If the ojas of the baby is weak, the child may be born with a defect. During pregnancy, ojas is unstable as it moves between the mother and fetus and this is why it is especially important to develop it.
It is believed that healthy Ojas, brings about love and compassion in both mother and fetus. Ojas, as a subtle material substance and essence of the tissues, requires the material support of a right diet.
Ojas can be strengthened by: 
• eating nourishing foods like
• spendig time in nature
• good sleep
• limited electronic stimulation
• practicing meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), chanting, yoga.
• taking rejuvenating herbs like:
• Ghee can help to stabilize the Ojas in the fetus and to avoid chromosomal defects 
When a mother enters pregnancy with a healthy diet and lifestyle, making the necessary changes to enhance ojas is straight-forward — and she can easily make proactive choices that will help build the best quality body for baby. But when she has pitta or kapha ama (accumulated wastes from incomplete digestion or toxicities in the body), or excessive rajas or tamas in the mind (anger, depression, and so on) these conditions can tend to vibrate at odds with gestational priorities, and undermine the baby’s development.
ojas is our subtle essence responsible for vitality, health, radiance, energy levels, strength, immunity in particular, vigour, longevity of life and overall mental, emotional and physical wellbeing...
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Birth is a Sacred Experience
By respecting the uniqueness of each individual Mind-Body-Spirit Constitution, Ayurvedic guidelines are not-one size fits all- but rather, they offer a custom tailored dietary and lifestyle plan of action for each individual’s optimal wellness. It is a fascinating and proven system of achieving optimal health and wellness.