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Garbh Sanskar:Preconceptional Care And Counselling

Preconceptional Care and Counselling:

Planning your pregnancy is the most important action you can take for your baby’s health. Usually by the time a woman knows she is pregnant her baby’s organs are already developing. If a birth defect is going to occur it will happen during the first few weeks of pregnancy

Preconception care involves knowing, identifying and tackling any problems that might arise and affect your baby and you in the long run.It s evident that for a pregnancy to be successful, only good antenatal care may be insufficient. Several steps can be taken even prior to the conception itself that help prevent many health problems for both the mother and the fetus. It is this preventive care and prospective planning prior to conception that is called preconception care and counselling.


Critical development in the fetus, takes place between 17 and 56 days after conception.

Why Pre Conceptional Counselling?:

Preconception counselling is as important as your pregnancy.Goal is to devise a plan that can improve your chances of getting pregnant, and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. They can help to determine if the woman is in optimal health and physical condition before pregnancy. Preconception counselling plays a key role in preparing for a pregnancy. In couples with a history of recurrent early pregnancy loss, counselling is of particular importance because women are invariably more distressed and require reassurance that everything possible is being done to avoid future pregnancy losses.

Preconception counseling is important for all women of child bearing years because many pregnancies are unplanned, and the risks of complications can be minimized by interventions before conception.


  • Improves chances for a successful pregnancy.
  • Prepares the body better for the impending pregnancy.
  • Minimizes the risk factors.
  • Early pregnancy monitoring and support increases the chance of a live birth and helps to predict potential future pregnancy complications.
  • Ideally preconceptional counselling should be done when a woman is contemplating motherhood, that is, before she is actually pregnant.

The purpose of preconceptional care is to identify risk factors for adverse maternal or fetal outcome, educate and counsel the patient based on their individual needs, and treat or stabilize medical conditions prior to conception in order to increase the chances of successful outcomes.


Preconception Care involves the identification of factors that can affect the woman's health and ability to carry a healthy baby. Some of the factors that may be assessed are:

  • Family medical history of hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy, chronic heart disease, liver or kidney conditions, endocrine disorders, pulmonary disorders, bleeding disorders or cancers.
  • Family history of genetic disorders or birth defects.
  • Medical history of the mother – whether she has had any serious medical problems like any one as above.
  • Emotional and social history.
  • Lifestyle issues.
  • Medical illnesses
  • Nutritional or diet history.
  • Information about previous pregnancies.
  • Menstrual and gynaecological history.
  • Information regarding the use of contraception.

Other issues that may be addressed include discontinuation of contraceptive methods, menstrual cycles and the timing of conception, and the use of prenatal vitamins and their importance.

Thinking of starting a family? Even before you become pregnant, there are important facts you need to know and precautions you need to take. A preconception counselling session will provide everything you need to know about having a healthy baby.Helping you build a healthy family is just one of our goals.

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