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Garbh Sanskar:Talking to your unborn baby: Part I

Talking to your unborn baby: Part I

Build A Bridge With Unborn Baby:Communicate with your baby:

Prenatal bonding is a wonderful way to build the foundation of a close and meaningful relationship with your unborn baby.The bond between you and your baby is something that’s hard to describe.Your baby is unique to you and the relationship you build with your baby will be different to that with anyone else. To bond with your baby before birth, you can try one or all of the following methods. Develop some other methods of your own.

"When there's a healthy attachment between baby and parent,"  "the baby comes to believe that the world is a safe place. This is the beginning of the establishment of trust."

Methods of bonding can include:

• Touch – massaging, stroking

• Sound – talking, singing, music 

• Emotional – Love, joy, happiness 

• Spiritual – Meditation,Yoga,Pranayama,By Holistic Approach

Establish a deeper level of communication – through relaxation, visualization, meditation, guided imagery, journal writing, dream work, music, partner dialogue, affirmations, stimulation, verbal stimulation, free drawing, rhythmic breathing and any other creative way you can think of.

When we can communicate with our unborn child in womb on all possible levels, it opens the doorway for the following things to happen:

  • Establish an amazing relationship
  • Understand our child’s needs
  • Heal BEFORE birth
  • Be in tune with your baby throughout labor and birth
  • Know where your baby has come from and where they are going on this earthly journey
  • Understand your baby’s needs as a new born when they can’t yet talk
  • Relate our needs, desires and expectations to our new family member.

Take the time each day to talk with your baby. You may feel awkward at first, but remind yourself that in just a few short months, your baby won’t be inside your belly, but in your arms. The soothing sound of your voice will be very reassuring to your baby, both now and after he is born.

Since babies can recognise the voices of their parents when they are born, saying good morning and good night to your baby each day is a good habit to get into. Sharing your feelings and thoughts with your unborn child can also help to 'humanize' your growing belly.

Babies begin hearing by the 6th month of pregnancy, so singing to your baby is a tradition you can start before they are born and continue once you have given birth. Many expectant parents play classical music to their unborn babies as it can have a very calming effect on them.

An effective way to introduce your baby to the outside world is by giving your bump a regular, gentle massage while pregnant. Babies will often respond to your touch by kicking the place you just massaged or by changing positions.


It's worth taking a few minutes every day to relax and just visualise yourself holding your new baby. Imagine what he or she might look like and what you might say to them. Taking pre-natal yoga classes is a great way to help you relax. Most pre-natal yoga will include some kind of visualisation or meditation exercise within the class.

When you are able to communicate clearly with your baby in this way, you can ask them all sorts of questions. This can then help you to overcome grief and heal any traumatic experiences you may have had.

Do you love to write? Why not share your hopes and dreams with your child in the form of written letters? Not only is this a great bonding exercise, but someday, your child will get the opportunity to read all your letters and gain an even deeper understanding of your unconditional love and who you were before you became a parent.

you can play your very first game together. Gently push against your belly and see if your baby pushes back. What an amazing feeling when you realize you are actually playing hide and seek with your unborn baby.


When you feel a kick (perhaps in response to some of your communication above), touch your tummy and say “Oh, you like that, huh?” -or- “I’m right here, sweetie. Yes, mama’s here.” It’s all about communication and acknowledgement.

At night, when you are going to sleep, touch ad rub your belly, and talk to your baby. Talk about what you did or how it felt to have him with you all day. Talk about having a “wonderful night sleep, resting, growing, and feeling loved.”

Sit and have quiet time with your baby. Just sit in your favorite chair, feet up, rubbing your tummy, and talking about whatever is in your heart.

Dads can talk to baby at night when it’s time to rest. The sound of dad’s voice, the warmth between mom and dad.

Siblings can bond! Encourage siblings to draw and color pictures, and then to give them to the baby. To do that, they simply walk up to mommy’s tummy, say what they would like to say, and hand the picture to mommy. Be sure to “receive” the gift and to share with brother/sister how happy that makes baby feel. (It really does!) Then, hang the picture up in baby’s nursery or wherever appropriate for display. (Great item to date and write a few notes on the back for a future keepsake!)

Sitting down, close your eyes and place both hands on your belly. Breathe in and breathe out. Think about your baby. Visualize your baby playing, sucking on her thumb, smiling, knowing she is loved. Just feel love, warmth and peace as you place your hands on your belly. Feel the love in your heart, and intend that it fill your baby with love and peace. This will be a wonderful time for both of you!

When actively stimulating and communicating baby while they're in the womb, you're not only bonding with your baby, you're preparing them for what's awaiting them in the real world.Nine whole months can seem like an eternity to wait for your unborn baby. Why not use this time to bond with your bub before it's born? it's a great way to pass time in your pregnancy. A lot of research has been done showing that babies in the womb are very conscious of their surroundings.It has been scientifically proven that babies  hear sounds and absorb information that is either given to them, or absorbed from the goings on around their mother. According to this research, babies who were stimulated with touch and sound in the womb appeared to be more alert at birth, had better head control and were able to turn their heads in the direction of their parent's voices.

Mortar with fresh rosemary and dried spices

Pre-birth bonding has many advantages and is certainly worthwhile exploring if you haven’t already been doing so. By communicating with your baby before birth, you can experience a relationship on a whole new level that you probably never thought was possible. If you learn to do this, so many new possibilities can open to you. You may be able to connect with your baby on a more ‘spiritual’ level. Let go of any fears you may have in relation to the upcoming birth and parenthood, so that you can truly open to the experience and enjoy the journey.

When communicating with the unborn child, it is essential to say things in the positive. Babies are so in tune with what is going on in the ‘outside world’. They react to all sorts of stimuli.

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