Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Garbh Sanskar:Join Our Workshop

Pregnancy Journey:A Sacred Pregnancy Retreat:Garbh Sanskar

join our workshop of Garbh Sanskar-A Sacred Journey of Pregnancy.

You're committed to giving your baby and growing family the best possible start in life, because you know that the beginning of life is one of the most critical times.

Come and experience the majestic Eagle Bay, open yourself every morning as we watch the sunrise and stretch our bodies to welcome the essence of a Sacred Pregnancy journey. We learn how to empower women in our own community, spreading the joy and helping to birth the next generation in pure love…

Would you like to increase your confidence in your body and your chance of a gentle, safe, natural, labor and birth?

Would you like a head-start with your gentle birth and parenting choices, so that caring for your baby can be as safe, easy and pleasurable as possible?

We creatively integrates mind/body wisdom with the latest scientific research to provide women with the essential tools they need to make conscious choices throughout their pregnancy and birth.Birth will be as gentle, safe and rewarding as possible for you and your baby.

  • How does birth affect us?
  • How can we enhance our instinctive connection to our bodies and our babies during pregnancy?
  • How can our instincts help us during labour and birth?
  • What is Mother Nature’s superb design for our female bodies in labour and birth and how can this design enhance ease, pleasure and safety for mothers and babies?  
  • What is undisturbed birth, and how can an undisturbed labour and birth benefit mother and baby?
  • How does a natural, undisturbed birth enhance breastfeeding and bonding for mothers and babies?

You want your baby to enjoy a safe pregnancy and birth, and to have life-long health, happiness, and wholeness. You know that the choices that you make now will influence all of those outcomes and you want to make sure that your choices are the right ones.

Your friends and family are probably giving you advice and suggestions... maybe too many suggestions! And your caregivers will also have their own list of do’s and don’ts for your pregnancy, birth and baby, probably with strong opinions about what you should be doing.

Are you faced with important decisions to make, and you don’t know what to do, or the right place to find the help you need?You may be spending your time searching the Internet to find these answers, but its not obvious where or what the best information is.

And you may be getting worried too. It's easy for the joy of pregnancy, and your excitement about meeting your baby at birth to fade under the weight of your concerns.

Well, I want you to know, you are not alone! Many expectant mothers have had high expectations and ideals, and then due to all the intense pressures, they start wonder if they really want to be, or are even fit to be, a parent. 

The good news is... Now you can relax! 

You will find answers to your most important questions- including the ones that are too embarrassing to ask your doctor, or too basic to bother your mother. All of above and many more answers you will get during our workshop.Join us today to get more about of sacred journey of pregnancy.

Dr Unnati Chavda


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