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Garbh Sanskar:Pregnancy

We welcome Pregnant Women, those who want to conceive and those who nurture and educate through holistically by bridging science and spirituality during pregnancy.
Can you imagine how pregnancy is a special time for a woman who can rebirth herself to become the woman and mom she desires to be, as well as shape the way her baby experiences and responds to the world.
Establish your bond and enhance one of the most important intelligence of motherhood, your innate intuition.  In these practices you will learn to use mantras, meditation, communication, and fun intuitive exercises to get in touch with your unborn child NOW!
“If you remain calm during your pregnancy and communicate a sense of love to your unborn baby, you will be contributing immensely to the emotional and physical health of your child for the rest of his life”. 

A course of Garbh Sanskar  Will Change Your Life and The Life of Your Unborn Baby forever:Join today and experience the new journey of your pregnancy in holistic way

In this Garbh Sanskar program you will be guided with Mind, Body, and Spirit exercises, rituals, and learn to transform fear into love, awaken your senses and intuitively connect to your unborn baby.Your health throughout your pregnancy and afterwards is integral to the health of your baby. We are pleased to support you through this fabulous and remarkable journey!
Fit for Birth:Garbh Sanskar
This treat of garbh sanskar includes: yoga,meditation,fitness and breathing exercise, nutritional awareness for pregnancy, healthy food plan, relaxation,and enrichment workshops for the mind, body and spirit.   You will receive an abundance of tools to conceive, nurture your unborn child, and birth consciously.In addition there will be daily workshops with local to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.
A pregnant mom’s thoughts and feelings affect her unborn child. “Through the study of perinatal and prenatal psychology we know that the embryo begins learning and accumulating memory from the very beginning of its life in utero. Therefore our personal choices and actions when pregnant have significant impact upon the forming of the baby, his/her future and coping mechanisms, his/her ability to grow and learn, and relationship with all that surrounds baby.” GARBH SANSKAR is all about this for learning in spiritual way.
GARBH SANSKAR:  Its a science of Ayurveda for Awakening The Senses to Connect to Your Unborn Baby.
The mind creates peace, happiness, forgiveness and love.  It also perceives, judges, creates fears, justifications, guilt, and the so forth.  Take a minute to recall the last time you were annoyed today or felt angry or frustrated.  How does this feel?  Are you still holding onto these feelings?  Now take a minute to forgive the other person or yourself for the action that triggered the feeling.  This sounds simple and it is, but it is not easy!  When you are able to clear all of the justifications on why it is okay to have those undesirable feelings you will be filled with peace.  So what does peace feel like?  Take a minute to remember the last time you laughed today, the last time you felt thankful, or the last time you felt relaxed.  These experiences probably brought feelings of peace and happiness during pregnancy.
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Now imagine, you and your baby are connected, physically, emotionally, and hormonally.  Your thoughts and feelings directly affect your unborn child!  Literally, all of your experiences, every action and reaction by both you and your environment directly transfer to your unborn child.   No other time in your child’s life do you have 100% influence over his or her experiences.
Would you like to learn how to experience more days full of peace and happiness for both yourself and your baby in the midst of a chaotic and stressful life?
In these treats of GARBH SANSKAR you will go home with the knowledge and tools to optimize the emotional and intellectual potential of your child.  With the increased self-knowledge and self-esteem, enhanced relaxation and focusing skills your baby is likely to enter the world with increased alertness and curiosity, powerful sense of harmony and the knowledge and feelings she/he is loved.
The sooner you get in touch with your feelings, the smoother pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting will be.  You will leave knowing you can provide a peaceful womb that allows maximal potential for a happy and healthy baby.
For a Happier, Healthier Pregnancy.”  (Based upon the GARBH SANSKAR  ), we will learn to you for  Breathing, Movement, Nutrition, and Lifestyle.
These are learning through GARBH SANSKAR for mothers to connect and communicate love to their unborn baby through the five senses. The discovery and awakening of the senses are used to deepen the connection a mother has with herself and her baby. The exercises developed are unique and experiential for pregnant women to connect to their sixth sense, the greatest guide, their own intuition. Take your baby on a wonderful magical blissful journey.

Every pregnancy is different, and we design each program that suits your individual needs. We can provide and will integrate into treatments which best suits to your health and your unborn baby.We can make this exciting and sometimes uncomfortable journey a little easier to get through physically and emotionally.This makes it infinitely easier to birth a baby effectively and efficiently.We are pleased to support you through this fabulous and remarkable journey!

For Nurturing Your Unborn Baby.The blissful you are, the blissful is your baby
Dr Unnati Chavda

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