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Garbh Sanskar:Positive Thinking

What GARBH SANSKAR says about positive thinking/environment during pregnancy:
My profession in Ayurveda has lent me the knowledge on how daunting the idea of a healthy pregnancy could be during GARBH SANSKAR. Thus I would like to empower you at this often delicate stage of your life, to arm you with simple and natural tips to help you give birth to the healthiest child possible through process of GARBH SANSKAR, that will let you in on these practical tips, allowing for smart decisions on your diet, physical fitness, and health choices.
Negativity or positivism during pregnancy can alter neural development and affect genetic expression.Positive thoughts may be the ultimate health tip for a pregnant woman:  “That growth-promoting awareness and intention can produce a smarter, healthier and happier baby,.
Do you know:how the stress response injures the unborn child. The link between negative thoughts, emotions, and the stress response seems clear. The link between optimism and the nurturing of the unborn child would presumably follow the same course of action. This time, but thoughts may have an even more direct route for influencing the baby.
What researchers says : see what happens with joy and stress
Researchers found that each placental DNA sample “changed shape according to its researcher’s feelings.” When researchers felt positive emotions, like love, joy and gratitude, the DNA “responded by relaxing: the strands unwound and actually lengthened.” When the researchers felt negative emotions, like anger, fear, frustration, or stress, the DNA “tightened up, became shorter, and even switched off many of its codes.” Finally, when researchers felt positive emotion again, the “codes switched back on.”
There is mounting evidence that programming of lifetime health by the conditions in the womb is equally, if not more important, than our genes in determining how we perform mentally and physically during life.”
A pregnant woman’s body adopts one of two possibilities: growth or protection. Growth : says, is encouraged with positive thinking while “a protection posture” results from negative perceptions.
For nine months, pregnant mothers are provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide the environment that gives their babies a stronger and healthier start on life. There will never again be such a level of control over the way a child’s environment influences his or her development.
Just as the umbilical cord can deliver high-quality nourishment and the fortifying hydration of healthy liquids, it also can transport unhealthy air, food, water, and fumes if those elements are coursing through the mother’s body or in her environment.” there was a link between environmental dangers and childhood illness during pregnancy.
“Sadly, in this era even many babies are currently born with dangerous levels of toxins passed from their mothers while still ‘safely’ in the uterus. These toxins cause birth defects, learning disability, hyperactivity and set the stage for infant and childhood cancers,”
“How can I help influence my baby’s genes?” asks one pregnant woman. “The first thing,” is that you can limit your exposure to toxins.” Pull out a plastic bottle of water and a can of soup, citing that some “containing compounds “ of this affect the development of the brain and reproductive system of fetuses.” They are just two examples of environmental toxins that affect our children’s ability to thrive.The effects would be high of such environmental factors on the developing immune system in fetuses, and that may results in an increased risk of asthma, autism, diabetes, leukemia, and other important diseases.”when the fetus is bombarded by toxins in the mom’s environment, which causes an immune dysfunction and ultimately leads to consequences throughout the child’s life. “Because the developing immune system is more sensitive”.
Avoiding toxic exposure offers a major opportunity for reducing childhood and adult health risks along with the associated burdens on both the health care system and the family financial base. Additionally, the opportunity to improve the quality of life for a significant percentage of baby provides an added incentive.”
This is how one can make the decision to breathe better, to move better, to eat better, and to birth better; each one of us can take responsibility over ourselves and our family to remove household toxins from our own homes and immediate environment—but we also need the world to change. We need to inspire others to understand exactly what is happening.Currently, almost one out of every two people will get cancer.  Our world is becoming a toxic dumpsite. “We are the environment; there is no separation. If a chemical is ‘out there’ it may also be ‘in here,’ in the most protected inner sanctum of our bodies.
If it possible be happy when you lie in bed
And definitely you don’t want your child to face that challenge. These are thoughts in every mind “No, I want to die in my sleep the same evening I spend watching my great-grandkids playing around me. I want my great grandchildren to face challenges on the field, at school, in their career, and in love…not in the hospital, battling cancer they contract from the womb.
A Simple Solution
“A mother-to-be owes it to herself as well as to her unborn to detoxify and clear these poisons out of her body before becoming pregnant,” How the immune system has early windows of opportunity that are unparalleled with time periods later in life. Early windows are particularly sensitive to chemical disruption. Since detox during pregnancy can be dangerous for the baby, the next best solution is to minimize additional exposure wherever possible.
Regardless of the known or unknown mechanisms involved, the effect is obvious. We happen to live in the time where science has more than proven all the detriments of a pessimistic attitude. In another hundred years, every pregnant woman in the world will be consciously cultivating happy joyful thoughts specifically to foster optimal growth for their unborn children. Today, you can be the first.
WOW! Pregnant women have nine entire months to give their baby the happiest healthiest start that could ever be imagined.
The roots of each person’s obesity, aging, and beauty “go all the way back to the womb and the choices our mother’s made way back then.” What an incredible opportunity for the pregnant woman!
No one doubts that the mother’s diet is important to the developing baby…” but “sensation, feeling, and thought—immerse the unborn child in a primordial world of experience, continuously directing the development of the mind.”
“Pregnancy is not just something that is happening to you; it is a miraculous unfolding that you are co-creating. For nine months, you are your baby’s environment, and your baby is affected by each one of your experiences.”
Aim to make your experiences positive and practice until your thoughts and perceptions are filtered through the lens of love. It may be the greatest gift you can pass to your child.
And at last don’t forget for breast feeding to your baby after birth:Breastfeeding helps you to bond with your baby, but it also provides your baby with most food and nutrients that he or she needs to grow and develop, including most vitamins and minerals. The foods you eat are important, as the nutrients from these pass from you to your baby in your breast milk.
Your pregnancy food and nutritional choices map out the health and condition of your baby.
We are on a mission to support, nurture and educate mothers holistically by bridging science and spirituality. The information here comes from ancient times as well as an innovative approach and the latest knowledge found in research to nurture your unborn child. The resources you will receive are to inspire and bring awareness, strength, and grace to your path.We are here to guide an expectant mother physically, mentally, and spiritually knowing that in her womb she holds the vision of the future. We want to share with you our own experiences and the experiences of mothers.  We hope your time spent here is infused with health, beauty and love.

Join us for an experience of a lifetime! Ayurveda GARBH SANSKAR is one of best ancient science of  Ayurveda in India: Experience it:It’s a way of life to give your baby best in his/her health for the lifetime.

For better health of you and your baby.
Dr Unnati Chavda

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