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Garbh Sanskar:Important Factors To Notice VII

Garbh Sanskar: Gentle Birth-Gentle Mothering

Garbh Sanskar: A Couple’s Guide To Boosting Fertility & Having A Healthy Baby

When did you last meditate into the feminine body of being? Let yourself be in a practice of body awareness. To bring attention to the spiritual heart and flow into the lower body of the womb and reproductive organs of life. Let awareness guide YOU into healing the womb for conception, in pregnancy, postpartum, motherhood, and into the wise sage.Women are the divine vessels which carry and support this new life as it enters the world, and it cannot happen without men to be involved in the creative act.

We live in a society where new mothers have unprecedented levels of distress and depression, and where our babies, with their colic, reflux, and sleep problems, are also having their distress medically treated. We live in a society where depression and anxiety are among the largest burdens of disease worldwide.The havoc that we wreak through waste and greed has many parallels with our treatment of mothers and babies, and of our primal environment — our mother’s womb.

And this is the situation from where importance of GARBH SANSKARS begins.

GARBH SANSKAR means not just to fill your tummy with nutritious foods, but to fill your heart and your soul with the positive emotions that make the world a better place to be.

GARBH SANSKAR means to not just love each other, but to love yourself, and to share your love freely and unconditionally with the new life you are about to create

GARBH SANSKAR means to not just conceive, but to fill your hearts and your life with the new found joy of creating a family – your family - the most important thing there is in life.


Whether you’ve just started thinking
about getting pregnant ….understand  Garbh Sanskar for healthiest baby

For those thinking about getting pregnant it’s the planning tool that will help ensure not just pregnancy success but a healthy baby.

Or you’ve been trying for a while …
Whether you want to get pregnant
naturally …understand Garbh Sanskar for brainy baby

For those already trying to conceive it’s a way to give their fertility a power boost and get spiritual pregnancy.

If you simply want to get pregnant
and have the healthiest baby
possible ….understand Garbh Sanskar for your unborn baby

Garbh Sanskar will open your eyes to a whole new way of approaching pregnancy success –

GARBH SANSKAR gets understanding for….

  • The time of day you make love could significantly boost conception odds by maximizing your partner's sperm count?
  • Making love every day isn't the best way to get pregnant ... but there are days when it pays to have conceive time more than once!
  • How chanting, meditation, even prayer can impact the hormones necessary for conception!
  • How put you on the right path to not only getting pregnant faster and easier – but helping to ensure the healthiest conception possible!
  • Fertility Boosting Plan is like nothing you’ve ever tried before!

Discovering you are pregnant, and giving birth to a child, are two of life’s greatest joys. For a man and woman to share their love in this special and unique way doesn’t just make the world go round, it makes our individual world the special place it is. To share our love not just with our partner, but with our children is, indeed, a gift that is beyond compare.

Take care of your unborn baby.

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Dr Unnati Chavda
(Promoting pregnancy wellness)

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