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Garbh Sanskar:Important Factors To Notice VI

Toxins: The study shows that in addition to carrying vital nutrients to babes in utero, the umbilical cord also carries these toxins.The placenta shielded babies from most chemicals and pollutants. But none of everyone that may cause birth defects or abnormal development of your baby.

we can greatly reduce our exposure to numerous toxins by becoming informed and responsible consumers and world citizens.

Avacado Read labels, learn what those ingredients are, choose products that are organic or as natural as possible, including home cleaning supplies, cosmetics, personal grooming products, clothing and home furnishings. Reduce the toxic load you ingest by eating food grown locally without pesticides. Learn how to improve the quality of the indoor air you’re breathing.

Green living isn’t about being trendy; it’s about living in a way that supports the health of our own bodies, the planet, and those we love, thereby reducing the toxic “body burden” on all of us. While the damage to the earth may never be cleaned up by humans, we can at least clean our bodies. 

Stress:Maternal stress has been linked to fetal disturbances and can lead to congenital heart disease, poor growth, and preterm birth.Therefore, healthy partner relationships and positive coping mechanisms are important for pregnant women to successfully deal with stress.Maternal psychological support is an important intervention that may potentially improve outcomes for both fetus and mother."

Women may grieve the loss of a "normal" pregnancy by going through the various stages of grief (denial, guilt, anger, bargaining, and potentially acceptance). Health care providers should incorporate a strategy of maternal stress reduction throughout the pregnancy. Partner satisfaction may be a better "buffer" for the stress . Brief couples therapy also may be beneficial to the pregnant women and their partners.


“Stay Fit both Physically and Mentally during the Course of Pregnancy”

Mental Well Being:For mothers who need to have a healthy pregnant period, their mental well-being is as significant as their physical health. Mothers with troubled mindset could cause problems for the pregnancy which also is not good for the baby.They must be prepared in their mind and being happy is very important to have a good pregnancy without any difficulties. To some women, it might be very frustrating to go through the entire course of pregnancy due to their negative thoughts and perceptions.They need some help to get rid of their negative feelings and must be given guidance to keep themselves happy and calm to go through the pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.

Pregnancy Emotions: As during pregnancy, emotions tend to vary and the mother goes through stress and anxiety and even tend to get depressed which could cause a serious threat to the pregnancy. These can be avoided by following certain things that could help the mothers to stay in their best shape. Exercise, which can help you fight stress and achieve physical fitness.

A diet is called nutritious when it contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in needed amount.Avoid high sugar beverages. They add sugars and calories to your body only, nothing nutritious-don’t forget this..Balanced and nutritious diet during pregnancy is very very important after all you are eating for 2 lives. It is very important you don't eat fast and junk food during pregnancy and stick to routine healthy diet.Eat whole grains; they are better for your body than their "white" counterparts.

Remove fast food from the food list. Fast food will increase your weight and will create obstacle in your way to weight loss. Avoid Canned and processed foods, coffee, tea, spicy foods, sugary foods such as cakes, cookies, candies, hot chocolate, sodas and colas and salt etc.

Take care of your unborn baby.

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Dr Unnati Chavda
(Promoting pregnancy wellness)

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