Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Garbh Sanskar:Communicate With Your Unborn Baby III

Pay attention to your dreams. Dreams are the realm of  Babies. This is when your mind is quiet and open and most receptive to messages from your Baby. If your baby comes to you in a dream, understand that this is COMMUNICATION. You can even ask to dream of your baby and chances are you will.These souls coming in are filled with SO MUCH JOY! And I do believe part of what makes them feel so joyful is connecting with their Mamas! It's soooo beautiful.....

You Are Powerful: Through your many lifetimes you have gained the wisdom, courage, confidence, and openness that has made you the person you are today. Within your higher self are the tools needed to help you accomplish whatever you want and manifest whatever you desire. You and the Universe are co-creators of your wonderful magical life. Whatever you dream can be a reality, if you only you believe how powerful you truly are." LOVE to you Beautiful Blooming Mothers.


"Nature's Wisdom: Nature in its infinite wisdom is guiding you through this whole experience. Your body knows what to do, without your even thinking about it. Trust in this most natural and sacred process. Nature has provided you with the blueprints to grow, birth, and nourish your baby. Don't think about it too much ~ just allow it to unfold naturally. Put your faith in Nature and let it provide for you ~ it knows just what to do."

"Make Time For Yourself: Nurturing yourself is of utmost importance while you are pregnant. Take the time to do the things you love for this will nourish your soul and I (your baby) will also feel the effects in a loving way. Take the time now to help establish the habit after I am physically with you. Although you may feel the need to be with me always while I'm a baby (and I may project that as well) we will both benefit if you first nurture yourself if only for a few minutes each day. Taking care of yourself is one of the best ways you can love me." This is great advice, pregnant or not! LOVE to you Blossoming Beauties!

"Beautiful Birth (yes, I ACTUALLY randomly chose that!) ~ Birth is a beautiful and natural process. Your body and I (your baby) know exactly what to do. Anytime you feel fearful about the birthing process, simply release your fears to the Universe and replace it with the image of Nature flowing through you as you release me to the world. While it is normal and healthy to be anxious about giving birth, let the beautiful images of birth be your primary focus. Read empowering birth stories, visualize the kind of birth you'd like to have and then let the Universe provide for you. We WILL have a beautiful birth!", Blooming Goddesses!

I’ve learned that my daughters’ births should not define me; it’s me who was meant to define their births. I will not be having that third child, I may never ride roller coasters again, and I’ll never know the feeling of instant elation after the grand entrance of my child to this world; but, they are my blessings all the same, and worth every bit of the struggle.
I will never again regret how my daughters’ entered this world. My scar will never again be the symbol of my failure as a woman nor the token of my cheated passage into Motherhood, but rather it will shine as the physical personification of how deep a love I possess to endure all for my little angels."


"What is Pre-Birth Communication? It's something that many people experience, yet very few talk about -- the sense that somehow we are in contact with a being who is not yet born. It may be a vivid dream, the touch of an invisible presence, a telepathic message announcing pregnancy, or many other types of encounter. It is a mystery, one that challenges our ideas about ourselves and our children.

The journey of childbirth healing comes from the mother in her inner power, courage, strength, and LOVE. In order to deeply heal parts that may have not been seen before and to expand in new ways for the beauty and grace all in the name of womanhood.

Some people experience pre-birth communication in the form of a dream. Others experience it via their inner thoughts or by signs in their daily life. Sometimes it seems to be just a one way conversation -- an unborn child getting a message through to the parent, for example. Other times it's a two way dialogue, complete with questions and responses. Most of the women I've spoken with have reported experiencing at least one instance of pre-birth communication, and some have reported having had several. All types can greatly increase the bond and love shared between the parent (or grandparent) and unborn child.

There are no right or wrong ways to experience in communication. Everyone's experiences with it are unique.

Take care of your unborn baby.

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Dr Unnati Chavda
(Promoting pregnancy wellness)

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