Monday, July 1, 2013

Garbh Sanskar:Communicate With Your Unborn Baby II

New research shows that the longer a baby stays in the mother's womb, the smarter the child will turn out.

So how does reading to your baby-to-be fit in and increase his or her early reading skills? Before your baby is born, baby is already learning about the world that  will soon become a part of. Language is one of the things that your baby is gathering an understanding of, and reading to your baby while in the womb helps to promote a greater understanding of language. In addition, this pre-natal reading also helps develop intelligence.Research indicates that there are several benefits to reading to a baby while still in the womb. These benefits are impressive and can have a lasting effect on your child.

Now that you know the benefits of reading to your baby in the womb, here are some tips for effective pre-natal reading.


There's been a bunch of research that supports the benefits of reading to your belly. This includes a recent study found that full-term infants have improved brain development and better academic test scores.

Baby gets to know your voice : Did you know that your baby-to-be recognizes your voice at birth and can tell your voice apart from others?

Baby starts to learn language:Did you know that your baby learns his or her first language by hearing it in the womb? When your baby is born, the cry contains the influence of their native tongue. They can even cry with an accent!Newborns can also tell the difference between their language and ones they aren't familiar with.

Your reading soothes your newborn: Did you know that newborns demonstrate their preference for the songs or stories that you read to them in the womb? They actually remember the specific ones they heard in the third trimester up to four weeks after birth.

When you relax so does your baby-to-be: Did you know that when your heartbeat and breathing slow down, your baby follows your example? Your wee one will react physiologically, endocrinological and neurologically. These types of responses have a positive effect on your baby's growth and development.

Prenatally bonding benefits future health and well-being: Did you know that when you feel love for your baby-to-be, you release endorphins (you know, those "feel good" hormones) that are also released to your baby at the same time. Your wee one gets used to these hormones and copies your positive response. The result is a baby with a bigger sense of safety and well-being that does not have hindered physical, cognitive and neurological growth.

The more words heard, the more successful baby will be: Did you know that there's a direct connection between the amount you talk to your baby and their academic and social success? The more words your baby hears in his or her formative years, the more advanced the language and literacy will develop in the future.

Reading to baby strengthens family and social bonds:  Did you know that creating a reading routine establishes a devoted time to you and your child? That doing this also helps parents-to-be and their siblings to develop a relationship with the baby-to-be, paving the way for a smoother transition into parent and sibling-hood?

Another benefit of reading to your baby before born is that it is soothing. Your day-to-day life is likely filled with a lot of activity, as well as a lot of tension. Believe it or not, your unborn baby can sense that activity and tension and can even react to it. Reading is a soothing activity. It will help your unborn baby “unwind” and feel a sense of “release” from the activity and the tension of the day.


To make the most out of pre-natal reading, it is important that you participate in this activity in a quite space. Turn of the television and the radio. Read to your baby in a soothing voice and place your hand on your stomach. As you read, you may notice baby’s reacting to your voice with movements. Turn pre-natal reading into a family affair. Let dad, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and anyone else who will have a close connection with the baby outside of the womb read to her. This will help to facilitate bonding between your baby and these important individuals.

This is also an opportunity for other like grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends to get involved in the prenatal bonding process, too. The end result is that it appears that it's never too early to start reading and that it helps make reading and language a priority.

Children’s books are an obvious choice. There are a wide range of children’s books available. Those that are lively, that feature rhyme, that have peaceful topics and that discuss basic early cognitive skills (shapes, colors, numbers) are especially beneficial.

Tests have shown that a baby’s taste buds develop at around six months’ gestation and they can tell whether the amniotic fluid tastes sweet, sour or bitter.

If the fluid is sweet, their rate of swallowing doubles, but if it is sour they swallow more slowly. Other research suggests that your emotions can affect your baby when you are pregnant. There’s a theory that the hormones your body releases when you are stressed may cross the placenta and affect the baby’s nervous system.

It’s thought prolonged exposure to stress hormones in the womb may lead to the baby having to constantly deal with a high-stress environment and be linked to problems such as premature birth, low birth weight, lung complications and learning disorders.

Some studies show babies exposed to a lot of stress in the uterus are more likely to develop chronic health problems as adults, such as heart disease and diabetes. By the same token, when a mum-to-be’s levels of endorphins rise, the baby appears to be calmer.

Take care of your unborn baby.

The sole purpose of these blogs is to provide information about the tradition of ayurveda. This information is not intended for use in the diagnosis, prevention or cure of any disease. If you have any serious, acute or chronic health concern, please consult a trained doctor/health professional who can fully assess your needs and address them effectively. If you are seeking the medical advice of a trained Ayurvedic expert, call us or e mail.

Dr Unnati Chavda
(Promoting pregnancy wellness)

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