Sunday, August 3, 2014

Garbh Sanskar: Learning In The Womb III

To awaken in him a creative and universal intelligence

  • Surround yourself with bright colors , wear them on you, which you will invigorate you align ...
  • Bathe your eyes in each of the colored bands of the solar spectrum given by a prism and are viewing this creative life colors flooding your cells and those of the child, they will be quickened, harmonized magnified.
  • Relax frequently and focus your thinking, your creative imagination on the finest human qualities : they permeate the child. This project without personal desires in order to respect the freedom of being in training.
  • Imagine the light bathing the world with a sense of universality
  • Tune in to your highest ideal of life so that your child receives the most vibrant, the most subtle energies: it will in him the seeds of a better world


Consequently, it is easy to imagine the strong links that exist between the pregnant mother and her child. In this close relationship between the mother and her unborn child in her womb, the feelings of love of the mother, associated with elevated images of virtues that his imagination has for him, permeate and registering at the body of her child. The two brains, mother and child, constantly communicate with their mirror neurons . The mirror neurons mother sent every instant messages, feelings, images that are received by the mirror neurons emerging from the child. These messages are reflected and create in him the same desire, the same images, the same ideas as those of his mother.

Communication is the nervous system of two people. And the wishes and desires of the mother reflected on the nervous system of the child, create resonance in him, the desire to achieve the received message and become like the mother wants.

The repetition of these desires registers deeply on the nervous system of the child program and partly his future life.

Results of the study reveal that mothers who eat more unhealthy foods during pregnancy, such as sweet drinks, refined cereals and salty foods, have children with increased behavioral problems, such as aggression and tantrums.

Additionally, the findings show that children who eat more unhealthy foods in their first years of life, or who lack nutrient-rich foods such as vegetables, also show increased aggression and behavioral problems, as well as symptoms of depression and anxiety.

"These new findings suggest that unhealthy and 'junk' foods may have an impact on the risk for mental health problems in children, and they add to the growing body of evidence on the impact of unhealthy diets on the risk for depression, anxiety and even dementia."

Babies are exposed to our feelings and our hormones. Stay positive!

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day—unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.”


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Dr Unnati Chavda
(Promoting pregnancy wellness)


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